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Earlier, I have posted about setting up a library of books at home for little kids. As you raise a reader, You may end up buying more and more books. In the tech world, It would be nice to have a kindle reader for easy access from anywhere. Your local school district or libraries support the kindle reading activity. The best thing that we can do for little kids is reading and giving the gift of unlimited reading.

Setting up a library for preschoolers

Raising a reader starts very early. Even before arriving they can hear things around them. It would be a good idea to read out loud to your unborn. Research says reading books to infants and toddlers helps and supports their speaking skills, vocabulary, and to get ready for kindergarten. Setting up a library at home is exciting for any parents who want to raise a reader. If you want to discourage screen time and encourage book reading I would be happy to share some of my experience with you. My little one was exposed to fabric books since she was an infant. When she turned 1 we started reading books to her. We saw a significant difference in her interest in books. Without a book reading, she won’t go to bed. It helps to identify letters, phonics for them early in their life. Over time we started collecting books of her interest and started setting up a library for her at her playroom. This little bookshelf came in very handy to help her keep things organized.

Today, she is 5 years old and reads a lot for her age. We are amazed when she figures out complex words even when she encounters the first time. Is she a natural? No, we don’t think so. We are sure it is because we started early. Thanks to her pediatrician, who recommended reading books to her since her infancy. Read a lot! We think this is the best thing we did for her in the early years. If you are interested in her collection, leave a comment and happy to post the list of books with links to purchase.

Raising a reader & Starting a library for preschoolers and kindergartners

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